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To Do: (Pro)

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A fully featured to do list/task list.

This is the full version of our to do list app.


1. Ability to create tasks with different:

  • Categories
  • Due Dates
  • Priorities

2. Sort tasks by:

  • Oldest-Newest
  • Newest-Oldest
  • Due Date
  • Priority
  • Category

3. Quick deletion of completed tasks.

4. Customizable background and text colors.

5. Add up to five custom categories in addition to the General category.

6. No Advertisements

7. Mark tasks as complete by swiping across the task's name.

8. Automatic Deletion of Completed Tasks (after a customizable number of days).

9. Percentage of tasks completed shown at the top of the app.

10. Tasks automatically move to the bottom of the list when marked as completed.

11. Status Bar Shortcut: Clicking on the shortcut in the status bar brings you to the app instantly. The shortcut also can display how many tasks you have not completed yet or a specific task's name.

12. Home Screen Shortcut: You can add a task without having to open up the app simply by adding this shortcut to your home screen and tapping on it. To add the shortcut to your home screen: Find an open space on your home screen and press (and hold). An "Add to Home screen" dialog will appear, click on "Shortcuts" and then scroll to "To Do: Add Task".


This app uses no permissions.

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